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Frequently Asked Questions

For most occasions, a drop length of 15 cm – 30cm is recommended. That is long enough to make the table look elegant and short enough not to be falling on your guests’ legs. Sit down at your table and measure the space between your legs and the table surface. This will give you a more precise idea of what drop length you should aim for.

For very formal occasions, you might want a tablecloth with a full drop. That means that the tablecloth drops all the way to the floor. Half drops are often preferred at weddings and other big celebrations. It gives the table a formal but modern look.

Yes, we do make tablecloth and napkin sets. You can find the Classic set in our online store which makes a beautiful wedding gift. We make napkins and tablecloth sets in other designs on demand.

Yes, we do make table runners. Let us know what you would like by sending us an email!

Yes, you can make a tablecloth with your own pattern. For customized designs the minimum order is 100m. Email us for more info!

Yes, we make branded tablecloth designs for our corporate clients. The minimum order for customized designs is 100m. You can read more about customization here or simply send us an email. We happily answer all your questions!

If your tablecloth is too short, your table will look unproportional. If it’s too long, it will fall onto your guest’s knee. But with the right fit, you will be able to set the mood and atmosphere of your dinners. Is it a formal seating or just a casual dinner? You can tell on the tablecloth.

We believe that every table deserves a well fitting tablecloth.  Round, squared or oblong. Small, large or extra large. We make tablecloths in every size.