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A Selvedge Story

The love for detail at African Jacquard.

When you offer a gift, receive one, doesn’t the first impression, the excitement, come from the wrapping?   

We truly believe there is no detail to be neglected as it can add a great value to a beautiful piece. Your pleasure of untying a ribbon around an African Jacquard product deserves our attention and care.

The story behind the bow...

We see beauty in every woven inch of fabric and we are frantic at keeping every scrap from cuttings, rejects, defaults… and selvedge


From the first roll we produced, I was fascinated by this narrow but strong woven part edging each side of the entire length of fabric. It fulfills a mission, plays its role in the course of the weaving, preventing the fabric from unravelling, and ends most of the time cut off and unfairly discarded. Consequently, selvedge needs a chance to survive and play another part on the scene at African Jacquard.

Overlocked, cleaned, ironed, rolled, selvedge is pampered, ready to accompany a throw, a scarf, a tea towel to its new home. Stored in boxes, waiting for its turn with other color rolls, it is then carefully selected to match its bigger companion.


Caring fingers gently tie it around a scarf, a throw, and complete its presentation with a nice and neat bow… Because we love bows.


And as recycling is our priority, this reborn selvedge is often joined by another small piece of off-cut fabric which cannot end in a bin, but now proudly displays the label telling you the story behind a product. Another detail we hope you will enjoy.