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“I love things unplanned, it leaves space for good surprises”

As I was in Hoedspruit, visiting a friend, and presenting African Jacquard around, I had the great chance to be invited to visit Motswari Private Lodge in Timbavati Reserve and to spend the night: A real treat, and such an opportunity for me to see African Jacquard bush collection “in live”!

Of course, I was looking at all aspects of the luxurious camp, delicate meals, raffinery decoration, a mixed of Out of Africa flair with modern comfort in the middle of wild life, the kindness of the people working there, professionalism of Rangers as we join an afternoon game drive and an early morning one.

Early Morning drive in the bush

Marion Geiger-Orengo – photograph of the morning and who is a fantastic artist, had the idea to wrap us around our African Jacquard Bogolan throws while we were exploring the beauty of the nature on this early morning.

As you can see everything look very dry around us. The African bush can be an unforgiving place and is the harder time of the year for the animals who live there. However, it is actually the best time recommended to game viewing as the bushveld is more open allowing better visibility. The grass is low and the trees have almost no leaves left and because there is no rain, the wildlife migrates towards the water points which become a live spot where everything happens! You are most likely to spot animals in the early mornings or evening as they come to drink water!

A piece of Art to protect the Rhinos

“Under the direction, passion and unwavering support of its owners, Marion Geiger and Fabrice Orange de Lamazière, Motswari park is dedicated to protect the Rhinos, and  the very name in Tswana means “to conserve and protect”. Faithfully adhering to this philosophy, Motswari directly supports conservation and rhino poaching is a number one priority. ” – Newmark Hotels –