100% Cotton Penta Indigo Napkins


Add a touch of Africa to your table setting with these African-inspired Penta Napkins.

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Whether inside or outside, our Penta Indigo Napkins are a dynamite addition to any dine-in experience. Inspired by Africa’s rich history and culture, these one of a kind napkins will keep the conversation flowing with its stunning array of patterns from across Africa.

Jacquard woven with 100% African Cotton, this beautiful navy, indigo and sky blue patterned fabric is woven with symbols and patterns from all over Africa, such as Kuba textile patterns from Congo, Ndebele house patterns from South Africa, Pensador sculpture patterns from Angola, Butterfly mask patterns from Burkina Faso, Fang mask patterns from Gabon and the beautiful African Hibiscus flower.

Note: Napkin sets are a mix of the different patterns seen on the Penta Indigo tablecloth. 

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 46 × 50 cm

100% African cotton


Simple hem

Made in

Cape Town, South Africa


This product is NOT preshrunk, shrinkage of 5-7% is to be expected
60 degrees Celsius, wash separately on the first wash
Tumble drying should be avoided to minimize shrinkage