Wooden tables decorated for a wedding with customized tea towels as wedding favors for the guests

Create unique gifts and lifetime memories for your guests

Let your wedding memories last a lifetime with a personalized wedding favors for your friends and family. We create unique designs for the bride and groom that can be made into take-home wedding gifts. A beautiful linen bag, or bespoke serviettes – we’ll help you create the perfect wedding souvenir. 

How to customize wedding favors

Choosing design

We help our soon-to-be-married-customers create their own, personal designs, embracing their story, interests and future life together. You might have lot’s of ideas flowing and a stunning pattern in mind. Sketch it out or write down a description. Our designer will draw an online sketch that fully captures the design. If you’re not exactly sure on what you want – no worries. Once we put our creative minds together the perfect wedding favor will slowly emerge.

Choosing fibre composition

We prefer using sustainably sourced natural fibres like cotton and linen. Naturally, we recommend our customers to use the same. Linen gives a rich structure and has a beautiful, dimmed down natural colour. Cotton has a light and soft touch and tend to wrinkle less.

Using the Jacquard weaving technique

By using the Jacquard technique, we can create textiles where the pattern is a part of the fabric itself and will naturally be shown on both sides. The result is a wedding favor that is both durable and elegant, with a pattern that never fades. 

personalized jacquard woven cotton tote bag for wedding favors with bride and groom's names and date
Personalized jacquard woven linen tea towel with wedding motif

Make your own wedding favor

Describe your design, number of guests and get a quote within a day.

Frequently asked questions

It can take up to 16 weeks to make wedding favors. From design to finished product.

The minimum order quantity for customized wedding souvenirs is 50m. That makes about 200 serviettes or 170 tea towels.

You can make any textile product, using cotton and linen fibres.

Here are a few ideas of personalized wedding favours and table gifts for your guests:

  • Embroidered linen gift bag
  • Serviettes embellished with the bride and groom’s names
  • Jacquard woven napkins with embossed pattern
  • Jacquard woven tote bag with names and date
  • Tea towel woven with your own wedding design

The cotton is sourced in Africa and produced according to the Cotton made in Africa Standards (CmiA). The linen is sourced in France to ensure that the production is sustainable and the fibers are of highest quality.