Kuba Throws

Welcome to our Kuba throw collection. If you’re looking for Jacquard woven tablecloths, beach throws or bedspreads – don’t worry, you are on the right page. We’re simply presenting our fabrics the same way we view them: as versatile, casual chic, luxurious home textiles, designed for multi usage. Less rules, more Africa.

The Kuba throw has a pattern inspired by traditional Congolese textiles made of raffia palm leaves. Traditionally, the men in the village weave the fabric and the women decorate it by sewing dyed cloth strips on top of the raffia fabric into an ethnic pattern.

Our Kuba throw is designed in Cape Town and Jacquard woven in 100% African Cotton. To enhance the pattern we are switching between plain and Honeycomb weave, which also gives a slightly waffled structure. The throw comes in a standard size, to effortlessly fit most parts of your home. It is made to dress your table, throw over your sofa or spread out wide at the beach. Simply alter side when you feel like a change. Because thanks to the Jacquard technique, the pattern appears on both sides but in opposite colours.

For information about customized sizes, colors or patterns, click here.