Kuba Waffle Throw – Double Tablecloth

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Jacquard woven cotton throw inspired by traditional Congolese patterns. The throw is colorful and versatile, bringing South African flair to your home. 

Measurements: 330cm x 250cm.


This Kuba throw has been Jacquard  woven in Cape Town in 100% cotton with a honeycomb weaving pattern mixed with the ethnic Kuba designs. It is pre-shrunk giving the fabric a wonderful textured feeling.

Throw over your sofa, use it as a bedspread or dress your table with it. This versatile piece adds a pop of colour and African flair to any room in your home.

Additional information

Dimensions 330 × 250 cm



100% African Cotton



Made in

Cape Town, South Africa

Technical details

Jacquard woven with simple hem finish.