100% Cotton Summer Fabric Face Mask

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Our Fabric Face Mask is double layered and has a comfortable shape preventing steam when worn with glasses. It comes in two sizes, Adult and Child. Elastic ties secure the mask behind the head, which makes it easy to adjust the fit.

We recommend 2 masks per person: one to wear and one in the wash.

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Our Fabric Face Masks come in two sizes: Adult and Child. They are composed of double layers: the outer and inner parts are 100% cotton which creates a more effective barrier. One large, adjustable elastic makes the masks easy to take on and off. The new origami shape allows glasses to sit on the nose over the mask, noticeably reducing fog.

The masks display colorful African Jacquard patterns and this helps to avoid mixing masks with family members. Their well-covering shape makes them comfortable, protective and stable. Thanks to the adjustable elastic, the masks fit everyone.


Our masks are not surgical masks, and cannot guarantee not contracting the virus. They prevent from coughing and sneezing onto others and  also remind not to touch your face.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg

Adult, Child


100% Cotton. Elastic ties.

Made in

Cape Town, South Africa

Technical details

Handmade out of Jacquard woven tea towel fabric. Adjustable elastics, tie back behind head.